A woman named Darlene has come into Chick-fil-A every week or so for the past two months. She has thin, fluffy white hair, and only a couple of teeth, and every time I see her she tells me that she just got a new phone number, which is probably the reason she hasn't received a call … Continue reading October


"So, have you been getting some attention from the next office over?" Mrs. Carla Gray asked, leaning in towards me. I didn't know what she meant until she nodded in the direction of my tall, gluten-free coworker Alex, who sat in the chair across from me, nibbling on a (gluten-free) brownie. "Oh--I don't really know," I stuttered. "There's … Continue reading September


"Well, I guess I'm not your only roommate who laughs at you even when you're doing nothing in particular," Adrianna said to me last night. Standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I had stepped to my left and reached for the paper towels on the bathroom shelf, so that I could wipe the toothpaste off … Continue reading March


It was -20 degrees this past Saturday. Never before had I experienced temperatures that painfully low, and I don't feel any sort of sentimental inclination toward experiencing them again anytime soon. It's about 40 degrees today, so as fresh and miserable as is the memory of frozen nostrils and burning skin and breakable hair, the particular feeling is … Continue reading February


Everyone who knows me, who hears of the situations and circumstances in which I regularly find myself entangled, says that my life is like a movie. Perhaps it's just the way that I articulate my tales of complication-driven woes. For example, at 16 years of age I was madly in love with a certain boy, … Continue reading January